Why I should be the photographer of your work.


I have been in the industry for over 30 years as a practicing architect, design and project manager so I'm keenly aware of both the aesthetic and practical considerations involved in producing a work of Architecture from both a design and also construction view point.


Technically photos of your project should "pop". They should display the detail that you have labored over and be composed to reflect your attention to proportion and form.

Aesthetically and more elusively capturing the power of the "first impression" when approaching a building or entering a space for the first time requires a sensitive eye and an ability to analyze what has triggered that emotional response. I see with the eye of a photographer and that of an architect.

To be considered with each shot are:

  • How the light both artificial and natural describe the space, the textures and the colours of the building?
  • How best to describe and compose the "big picture" and at the same time reveal the detail?
  • Will the output tell the client's story?
  • Will the viewer be encouraged to study the picture and hence the subject?

The output from my work is based on sound and considered planning. My work plan ( see page) takes into account the clients requirements, the challenges of each project and finally the audience and final medium for the work. 


I currently use three Canon digital cameras: 5Ds, 5D Mk II and 7D.
I have a variety of lenses suitable for architectural photography. These vary from ultra wide (12 and 16mm) for interior shots, wide (24mm) and up to 300mm for distance and detail. I also use a tilt-shift lens that enables me to correct perspective and produce large “stitched” photos.
I use a tripod to ensure that the images captured are sharp and free of movement blur for low ISO and long exposure shots: this is necessary for interior shots using ambient light.
I use a Nexus tablet for “live view” control of the cameras and to make a back-up of the shots as they are taken.


I capture in raw file format rather than jpeg. This allows greater latitude in post processing to optimise the final image.
I use several different software tools to produce the final images. I aim to produce a natural rendition of the architecture and eschew techniques that deliver an over-processed image. Care is taken to ensure that the processing of each of the images delivers a commonality across the set.
Whilst the raw format captures information for colour reproduction it can also be used to produce monochrome (B&W) images. This might be the appropriate “flavour” for a signature shot.
The output format can be tailored to suit the end purpose:  smaller jpegs for web sites and larger for printing. I can produce prints up to A2 on archival paper using pigment ink.


My hourly rate is modest : it reflects the scale of project. I prefer to quote a lump sum when the scope can be defined.


I'm based in Marrickville and see my business as serving the local area. Of course I can travel.

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