smoky hills

I visited my brother in Tasmania in January 2013 during the recent bushfire period. He lives 40 minutes drive north of Hobart on property. Fortunately he wasn't affected by the fires however the air was thick with their presence. I don't mind the smoke nor the smell of burning eucalypts providing the hot winds aren't blowing and blackened gum leaves aren't falling from the sky.

The view from the house is to the east and from there you can just see the tip of Mt Maria on its island about 40 km east. What I hadn't realised until I processed a couple of shots when I got home was how many ridges lie between here and there. I counted 17 in the photo "smoky hills 2" in the "smoke & mirrors" gallery. The smoke had given what the Japanese sumi-e artists used to describe distance: atmospheric perspective.

But just as the smoke provided atmosphere it also obscured the camera's eye. So as I get my "jollies" doing this I went digging in the RAW files for more than was shown.

So here is what the camera told me it saw:

smoky hills 1 unprocessed

and this is what I found and what I'm sure I saw:

smoky hills 1 processed

This printed beautifully. Picture Window Pro's Raw processing imparts a really interesting grain that on paper resembles the texture of raw silk cloth...that's probably appropriate.

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