Photography Work Plan


1.   Preliminaries

a.   Briefing from client
b.   Obtain drawings
c.   Define detailed work plan, scope and deliverables
d.   Prepare fee proposal
e.   Submit work plan and fee proposal for acceptance

2.  Site inspection

a.    inspect site with client
b.    Take context photos

3.  Plan the shoot

a.   Map-out shot positions and sequence
b.   Check time of day/night with regards to lighting
c.   Check weather forecast
d.   Prepare equipment list
e.   Establish date and time options
f.    Determine site access protocols
g.   Document plan and submit for acceptance

4.  Shoot

a.   Confirm date(s) and time and obtain approval to proceed
b.   Check equipment
c.   Execute
d.   Report to client

5.  Production

a.   Back up files
b.   Prepare proof sheets and short list
c.   Process short list for client review
d.   Final processing of selected shots
e.   Publish and deliver



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